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1. Provide process design of production line system according to user requirements, be responsible for system equipment selection, and provide plant design consultation;
2. Professional technicians guide installation and debugging on site and train operators;
3. Establish the project manager responsibility system, each project has a person responsible for the management, to provide users with professional technical consulting and equipment operation testing and diagnosis, to ensure the operation rate of the system equipment;
4. Provide general drawing, foundation drawing, load table and all other data that can meet the requirements of equipment process design; 5. Proactively contact with customers before product delivery to connect with the delivery and receipt of goods. After the goods arrive at the site, special personnel will be sent to the site for the acceptance, handover and suggested storage of the goods;
6. Before the installation, send professionals to the site to check and confirm the installation foundation, installation conditions and installation environment, so as to ensure the smooth installation of equipment;
7. During the whole process of equipment installation, commissioning and trial operation, special personnel will be sent to provide on-site guidance and services to ensure the correct installation, maintenance and use of equipment;
8. In case of any fault in the use of the equipment, staff shall be sent to the site to deal with it within 48 hours upon receipt of the notice (domestic users), and the principle of first restoring the operation of the equipment and then dividing responsibilities and calculating expenses shall be implemented. To ensure the customer's production and efficiency;
9. During the whole use time of the equipment, in case of failure or damage of the supporting foreign imported parts, our company shall contact and coordinate with foreign suppliers or their domestic agents to solve the problem, and provide the specifications, models and suppliers of the replaceable domestic similar parts in time;
10. Provide lifelong free maintenance consultation and new technology upgrade service, and provide wearing parts at 10% lower than the market price.
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