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What can diatomite do after being crushed?

Issuing time:2019-04-21 14:26

In recent years along with the decoration market diatomaceous mud fervent, diatomaceous earth this concept also gradually is understood by the people, but diatomaceous earth besides USES as the decoration material, also has the many aspects application in the life.

Diatomaceous earth is used in household MATS

Diatomaceous earth itself does not contain poison, humidity regulation ability is strong, purify the characteristic such as air, make its become the high grade material of natural diatomaceous earth footpad. Chinese broad masses are right the requirement of household articles for use basically is centered in: comfortable and practical, economy environmental protection, quality is fine wait for a few respects. Compared with traditional MATS, a diatomite foot pad with excellent hygroscopic performance has the advantages of easy drying, less dust accumulation, less mildew, no bacterial breeding and easy cleaning.

Diatomaceous earth is used in artificial leather

If you put diatomaceous earth and leather shoes together, many people will think it incredible, but things are often so amazing, do not be surprised, the artificial leather shoes you wear on your feet is most likely to add diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth has very good prevent bask in adiabatic performance and quality of a material is clear soft, diatomaceous earth is added in man-made leather composition, can let leather shoes more wear well, still can reduce production cost greatly at the same time.

Diatomite for mosquito - repellent incense

When summer comes, mosquitoes begin to wreak havoc and many mosquito repellent products are selling like hot cakes. In our common mosquito repellent incense, diatomaceous earth is also added. This is mainly due to the strong adsorption performance of diatomaceous earth, which can better absorb the mosquito repellent drugs added in the mosquito repellent incense and help the mosquito repellent incense to better play its role. In addition, diatomite is often added to the field of pesticides to help crops better resist pests due to its excellent adsorption performance.

Diatomite for coasters

Diatomaceous earth set coasters, perfect solution to the summer when drinking ice drinks small troubles, not afraid of leakage in the desktop. Besides the function of cup cushion, still can treat as the desiccant of chunk, put in the place such as chest, the effect that absorbs moisture is very good, mouldproof bug goes flavour.

Diatomite, though seemingly insignificant, has a wide range of USES in life. There are also all kinds of diatomaceous earth made of gadgets, delicate and lovely. Of course, the largest role of diatomite, or used for interior wall decoration!

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