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Diamond special airflow pulverizing classifier

Product details

Diamond special airflow pulverizing classifier

Physical characteristics:

        Diamond is commonly known as "diamond". The diamond, as we call it, is a mineral made of carbon, an allotrope of carbon. Diamond is the hardest substance naturally existing in nature, diamond mohs hardness 10, new mohs hardness 15, microhardness 10000kg/mm2, microhardness is 1000 times higher than quartz, 150 times higher than corundum. Diamond hardness has directionality, octahedral surface hardness is greater than diamond dodecahedral surface hardness, diamond dodecahedral surface hardness is greater than hexahedral surface hardness.

Application features:

        Because diamond is the hardest substance in nature, diamond powder must be used for cutting and processing. Diamond has a wide range of USES, such as: handicrafts, industrial cutting tools. Graphite can form synthetic diamond at high temperature and pressure. And precious stones.

Equipment selection:

        ZJ series special airflow comminution classifier for aurite-corundum is a special airflow comminution classifier developed according to the physical characteristics and processing requirements of diamond (reducing superfine powder and improving yield).

Working principle:

        ZJ series diamond special airflow crusher USES several relatively arranged nozzles to form high-speed airflow, and then USES high-speed airflow to accelerate materials to supersonic speed and make them collide with each other at the intersection of nozzles, so as to achieve the purpose of ultra-fine grinding. Crushed material into the classifier classification chamber with the increased flow, due to the grading rotor high-speed rotation, is constrained by the particle grading rotor produced by centrifugal force, and by airflow, and the centrifugal force generated by viscous, when particles by centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the grading size more than coarse particle crushing chamber to continue to shock crushing, fine particles with the air flow in cyclone separator, the trap to collect, the gas is removed by induced draft fan.

Equipment composition:

        ZJ series diamond special airflow crusher is the replacement of traditional fluidized bed airflow crusher, jet airflow crusher, horizontal airflow crusher and other types of airflow crusher. The best characteristic of this machine is to make full use of jet energy.

Equipment features:

1. Green and environmental protection: low-temperature dielectric pulverization ensures high purity and physical characteristics of the product. The equipment operates under negative pressure without dust pollution.

2, high efficiency: the full use of jet energy, compared with the traditional airflow mill grinding efficiency of 30%, classification accuracy is higher.

3, equipment wear small: "fluidized bed + vertical classifier" structure can be high purity, ultra-narrow processing of ultrafine powder, avoid the "fluidized bed + horizontal classifier" classification part of the wear, in the same material wearing parts of the service life is 20 times the international similar products. Minimal wear, especially suitable for ultra-fine grinding of high purity and hardness materials.

4. High output: when producing products with narrow particle size distribution, the yield is more than 1 times higher than that of traditional convection jet and fluidized bed airflow crusher.

5, multi-purpose: a multi-purpose machine, can be used as a crusher can also be used as a classifier. The particle size range of grinding is wide, and the particle size can be adjusted in the range of 1-74um at will.

6, intelligent: the equipment can achieve all automatic control, simple operation, stable operation, excellent production environment.

7. Reasonable design: compact structure of the equipment, no material storage, no dead space in the crushing machine, easy to disassemble and wash, disinfect, and convenient to replace crushed materials.

8. The whole system adopts automatic control, which can realize one-key start and stop, simple and convenient operation and connection with central control can realize remote control.

Scope of application:

        This series of crushing classifier with its unique working principle can be dry, high purity, low temperature processing various materials such as super fine powder, widely used in chemical, mining, abrasive, battery materials, refractory materials, non-metallic mineral, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, pesticides, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and dispersion of ultrafine crushing, all kinds of dry powder materials and plastic particles.

Typical material:


Diamond, silicon carbide, garnet, ceramic corundum, boron carbide, tungsten carbide, ferrophosphorus; Calcium carbonate, quartz, diatomite, calcium hydrogen, bentonite, talc, mica, wollastonite, high purity pigment, luminous powder, mobile phone battery powder; Pollen, auxin, food additives, antibiotics, imaging drugs, ganoderma lucidum, pearl powder; Insecticide, teflon, etc.

Main technical parameters




Air flow


air pressure


feed Size


Product Size






1 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm





3 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm





6 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm





10 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm





20 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm





40 m3/min

0.7-1 kg

1 mm




Application of the scene:

High Standard Degree Fine Zero Defect

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