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Special crushing classifier for positive and negative materials

Product details

Special crushing classifier for positive and negative materials

Equipment overview:

Zhongjin powder positive and negative material special crushing classifier has the ability of shaping, the whole line of particle morphology and particle size control, the finished particle morphology is excellent, can be used for different material characteristics and requirements of shaping.

Equipment selection:

Zj-qlm zj-c series should be selected according to the characteristics


Anode materials: crushing, dispersing and particle shaping of dry powder materials such as iron phosphate, lithium iron phosphate, ternary materials, lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid, lithium nickel manganese acid, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, ferrous oxalate, etc.

Anode materials: artificial graphite, natural graphite, petroleum coke, needle coke, calcined coke and graphite scrap, etc.

Equipment features:

Ø have plastic ability, the entire line of particle morphology and particle size control, finished product excellent particle morphology, characteristics and requirements of the plastic can be used for different materials.

Narrow Ø LiaoDu distribution, high tap density of finished product.

Ø grinding is low, yield can reach more than 96%.

Ø wear-resisting lining material inside the equipment, equipment wear and tear is small, high purity.

Ø adopts inverter precise control, material fineness can be adjusted between 0.5 100 um.

Ø full negative pressure operation, low noise, no dust pollution.

High Standard Degree Fine Zero Defect

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