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PVC material efficient air classifier

Product details

PVC material efficient air classifier


ZJO - SEPA efficient air classifier (classifier) is the use of classifier eddy current classification of the material in the horizontal direction of the air inside a new type of high efficient airflow pulverization classifier, its classification principle of the formation of the flow field and classifier with centrifugal, cyclone classifier is very different, because of its excellent performance than traditional classifier, increase energy saving effect is remarkable, is widely used for crude grading of lightweight materials (such as: PVC material), ZJO - SEPA efficient air classifier is considered to be representative of the third generation of efficient classification equipment.

Working principle:

ZJO - SEPA efficient air classifier, the materials from classifier inlet feeding, by rotating and tray evenly to all sides, also blocking effect, because of the keep-off circle to decentralized state material drop to choose between guide blades and rotor powder zone, and at the same time on-demand powder area formed by air vortex movement in the chosen powder region classification, movement of dust particles in the selected powder eddy current at the same time by gravity, wind, and the effect of rotating centrifugal force, tiny light particles with the air drawn into the rotor inside, the outlet collected by dust collector will become finished product; Coarse and heavy particles fall and are eventually collected to the coarse powder outlet of the lower cone. Changing the rotor speed can change the initial velocity of dust particles and the streamline curvature of the vortex in the powder selection area, so as to change the direction of the wind force on the particles and the size of the centrifugal force, which can effectively adjust the fineness of finished products.

Equipment features:

Zjo-sepa high efficiency air classifier has the following characteristics:

1. The graded airflow enters from both sides in a horizontal tangential direction. Due to the effect of guide vanes and horizontal separators, the airflow only rotates transversely in either the annular grading area or the eddy current grading area, that is, it circulates in the horizontal plane.

2. The materials are well dispersed under the action of the spreader plate and buffer plate, and fall into the annular grading area to meet the stable grading airflow. The gas-solid mixing is relatively uniform and the gas-solid ratio can be relatively high.

3. Materials fall vertically and pass through the whole grading area from top to bottom. They stay in the area for a long time and can be graded for many times.

4, ring sizing area or eddy current classification area, long and narrow annular space is relatively simple shape, air flow velocity in the classification of any position change is small, due to surface smooth flow, little interference, particle size (quality) of the same force of the particles and the trajectory is basically stable, makings of classification is according to the specific force balance and completed, grading condition clear and simple, classification efficiency and classifying precision is higher.

5 the airflow and grade of annular zone belongs to the free vortex (half free vortex), can remove larger particles, and the further spread of material classification, the effect of mixing, eddy current classification zone flow belongs to the forced vortex, by adjusting the classifier rotating speed can control the size of the grading size, collection of fine powder classifier is used to separate the installation of the cyclone collector and pulse bag filter, high collection efficiency.

Equipment description:

Customers need to prepare: dust removal air pump and distribution room to the host between the wire and cable accessories.

Main technical parameters:

Max feed Size
Product Size

High Standard Degree Fine Zero Defect

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